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    Emmylou Harris/Rodney Crowell (so far untitled) Duets era

    Emmylou has told Billboard that she and Rodney Crowell are planning a duets album (for release after she finishes touring in support of her present album)
    The article explaining the plans is here:
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    Brian Ahern was once married to Emmylou - although they later divorced, they remained musical associates, and he has produced about a dozen of her albums. Rodney Crowell was a guitarist and frequent vocalist in the Hot Band (one of Emmylou's three ground-breaking bands, much loved by fans). He is a distinguished solo artist and songwriter..

    To give fellow fans a taster of the type of material the collaboration album might have in store, I'd like to post three videos of them, from different eras.

    This is the original Hot Band, from the 1970s , with a Carter Family song (the third vocalist singing between them on part of the song is Emory Gordy Jr.)

    A later video (after the break up of the Hot Band) of Rodney and Emmylou, with a Louvin Brothers song:

    And, from the 2000s, a Bob Dylan song, in their version, which was a big hit on the AMA chart

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    Thank that should be great.


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