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    Cody Canada & the Departed: "This Is Indian Land" era

    "This is Indian Land" is Cody Canada's and Jeremy Plato's first studio album since the (break-up?) (hiatus?) of Cross Canadian Ragweed. Although they now live in New Braunfels, and one reviewer says this is putting Country Rock back in the hands of Texans - the new band, The Departed, consists of four Oklahomans and only one Texan. Another reviewer says it sets a standard that Texas music will have to live up to.

    The album is all "covers", and is Cody's homage to Red Dirt roots (fulfilling a promise he made several years ago). There are, nominally, 18 tracks (but three are short spoken messages from songwriters), so 15 songs, giving the album a running time of 1 hour 19.

    Of special note are the two tributes to the Tulsa sound, J.J. Cale's “If You're Ever in Oklahoma” and Leon Russell's “Home Sweet Oklahoma.” Modern songs like "True Love Never Dies" and "Long Road to Nowhere" recall that Red Dirt was influenced by the earlier Country Rock of bands like Little Feat and the Eagles, while the home grown Stillwater influences are more evident in songs like "Ballad of Rosalie" and "Starin' Down the Sun" . The set finishes with a more than eight minute version of Medicine Show's "Hold On Christian".

    Highly recommended to anyone interested in the history of Red Dirt Music, or Country Rock in general.

    Samples from Amazon:

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    Thanks! Being an Oklahoman, I'm interested!


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