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Thread: My top 20 female singers (for now!)

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    So great that I can find some members who know Della Mae.
    I like this bluegrass and Americana band very much. Maybeline, Letter from Down the Road / And Other Things and Sweet Verona strike me as some of their greatest songs.
    They released an album named This World Oft Can Be in 2013. Have you purchased this album? "Only 19 left in stock", says Amazon.

    Quote Originally Posted by lizcarlo View Post
    I can never do these lists. I always have a lot of singers I really enjoy. I really like all the singers you have and don't disagree with any of them. Ill put other singers who I think are amazing.
    I do not think a singer is amazing because she can sing a particular song amazingly. I think a singer is amazing because the majority of the songs released in her career strike me as an amazing career.

    Miranda Lambert is an example. She has been ranked just below my Idols because of her own amazing style retained in the majority of songs on her 5 albums. I can enjoy every Miranda song very well.

    By contrast, if a singer has only a few particular songs I like but her other songs do not make me like a lot, I can not say that she is an amazing singer.

    I rank a singer based on her whole career and how I enjoy the majority of her songs and her style. I do not ranked her based on just a particular song she sings.

    I enjoy and love 100% of songs released in my Idols' careers and the styles retained on their albums as well. 100% of their songs strike me as the greatest songs

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