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    Julie Roberts: "Alive" era

    Those of you remember Julie's powerful and emotional songs ("Men & Mascara", "Wake Up Older", "Break Down Here", "Rain on a Tin Roof"
    "Chasin' Whiskey", etc) might like to support her latest album - her first for five years, This is a self-release, so you're unlikely to hear it on the radio, or find it in stores - but you can buy hard copies from her website (signed, if you wish), and she has put downloads on i-Tunes. (If you can't use i-Tunes, but want to buy downloads, let me know, and I can post a link to her output aggregator,)

    Her story is tinged with sadness - but that's not the way Julie would want us to think of it, as she has a great fighting spirit, and wants to tour and feel the enthusiasm of her fans. During Men and Mascara (her second major album), she had blurred vision and had difficulty holding the mike. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which is a progressively crippling disease, typically coming in a series of attacks, interspersed with periods of remission, I do admire her determination to carry on.

    The title track "Alive" can be heard in full on her ReverbNation page
    Julie Roberts Music :: Music - ReverbNation

    Another song that recalls her illness is "Stronger", which contains the line "I fall sometimes / I crawl sometimes / lose it all sometimes / it makes me stronger,

    Samples of all the songs can be heard here: - MUSIC & LYRICS

    I have a couple of videos (remember these are fan recordings of live performances, so the sound quality is variable)

    One she wrote with her friends, Rachel Proctor and Victoria Banks

    A powerful Chris Stapleton song (which has been recorded before)

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    Did she have MS five years ago ? When was she diagnosed? That's really a shame and scary. Sounds pretty good here , I like the song she cowrote

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    That is really a shame. I have wondered what happened to her. When Carrie girder came out, wasn't she singing a tune for one of the morning shows? I will look at her music!

    (when Carrie FIRST came out) I'm typing from my phone.

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    Aww, that's a shame. MS is a terrible disease. I hope she can push forward and continue to make music.
    I have her first album, and I thought it was really good.


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