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    Shania Twain Oprah Interview

    I didn't know whether I should put this under celebrity gossip or music BUT have any of you seen this interview? someone put the whole thing up on youtube, I'm only going to post the first part, but if you like Shania at all, go watch this interview. I think we all wish that she would bring new music out soon but with the pain she went through, I'm so happy she took time to herself. Man, it is absolutely heartbreaking the amount of pain and suffering this woman has endured HER WHOLE LIFE. I have so much respect for her, and love her so much. She's such a beautiful person. I hate judging others, but what the hell was Mutt Lang thinking?

    and the other parts are on the person's page.
    becca T

    I'd just like to add that it is incredible the amount of forgiveness this women has inside of her. Obviously, she's very private so were not seeing a lot of her emotions but if I was her, I would not be this gracious. and I'm referring to how she's acting towards Mutt; she wants nothing to do with the other woman which she makes very clear, but thats the extent that we see her anger. WHich is amazing considering what happened. but its good that she took the time to herself that she needed. a very good move on her part and for her son. and I'm so happy she found love again even if its "beautifully twisted" like she so eloquently put it.


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