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Thread: Jack and Jill

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    Talking Jack and Jill

    Hey there, I just watched the new Adam Sandler movie tonight, and I HIGHLY recommend you go and see this movie.

    I was literally doubled over laughing in the theater for almost the entire 90 minutes. Adam Sandler as a woman....priceless.

    I won't give away anything or spoil it.. but the highlight of the movie for me was the Mexican party scene with the grandma...

    Please go and see this! Great, will have the whole family laughing. A mixture of laughs, sweet "awww" moments, and some blushing as well.

    The best way I can describe it is "White Chicks" meets "Grown Ups".

    If you are a twin please go and see this!

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    I LOVE ADAM,i went to see it yesterday,awesome movie (:


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