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Thread: Top 5 Carrie edition pre storyteller era

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    Obsessed Carrie Fan cmuf2011's Avatar
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    Aug 2014

    Top 5 Carrie edition pre storyteller era

    In honor of Carrie's 5th studio album being released on October 23 I have decided that we should play a game call top 5, you can choose any top 5 that you can think of, but here are some examples

    top 5 songs
    top 5 performances
    top 5 music videos
    top 5 covers (thanks to liz for this catergory)
    top 5 whatever

    rules you can't incude smoke break since its off the new album, and still has the new factor, and try to have your top 5 list or lists posted by midnight eastern standard time on October 31, I'll reveal the official top 5 list/lists on November 1st.
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    Insane Carrie Fan Carrieroxmysox2011's Avatar
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    This might be tough lol.
    Top 5 songs:
    1. Something In The Water
    2. Two Black Cadillacs
    3. Good Girl
    4. Little Toy Guns
    5. Good In Goodbye
    Top 5 performances:
    1. How Great Thou Art(girls night out)
    2. Walk This Way/Undo It with Steven Tyler
    3. Blown Away medley 2013(CMAs)
    4. I Know You Won't (At PCAs)
    5. Different Drum(rock n roll hof)
    Top 5 music videos
    1. Before He Cheats
    2. Blown Away
    3. Two Black Cadillacs
    4. Just a Dream
    5. Cowboy Casanova
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    Insane Carrie Fan lizcarlo's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Jesus Take The Wheel
    Blown Away
    Two Black Cadallics
    Temporary Home
    Something In The Water

    Performances (these vary): (Stripped Music: Don't Forget To Remember Me) (CMA 2013: Blown Away Melody) (ABC Girls Night Out Special: How Great Thou Art) (BBC Breakfast: Blown Away)

    Music Videos: (Just A Dream) (Blown Away) (Two Black Cadallics) (Cowboy Casanova) (Wasted)

    Covers (Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame: Different Drum) (ACMA 2009: I Told You So) (Opry: Remember When) (Sydney Opera House: Never Tear Us Apart) (CMA Fest 2013: Paradise City)
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    Obsessed Carrie Fan cmuf2011's Avatar
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    Top 5 songs
    Jesus take the wheel
    Something in the water
    So small
    Just a dream
    Keep us safe

    Top 5 performances
    How Great Thou Art with Vince Gill
    Walk This Way/ Undo it with Steven Tyler
    Remind me * Brad Paisley surprising Carrie in Nashville
    Temporary Home acm
    Blown Away/Two Black Cadillacs Grammy's

    Top 5 music videos
    Little toy guns
    Just a dream
    Blown Away
    Two Black Cadillacs
    Mamaís Song

    Top 5 covers
    Take me home country roads play on tour
    Fix you vh1 unplugged
    Louisiana Women, Mississippi Man with Brad Paisley Carrie's holiday special
    9 to 5 with Jennifer Nettles Grand Ole Opry
    Do you hear what I hear. Nbc
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    new york
    Top 5 Songs:
    (1) Something in the Water
    (2) Someday When I Stop Loving You
    (3) Blown Away
    (4) Don't Forget to Remember Me
    (5) You Won't Find This

    Top 5 Live Performances
    (1) Jesus Take The Wheel- Walmart Soundcheck
    (2) Blown Away/ Two Black Cadillacs- Grammys
    (3) I Told You So with Randy Travis (AI)
    (4) Just A Dream/ Dream On mashup on the CMT crossroads
    (5) Something in the Water- CMA Awards

    Top 5 Music Videos
    (1) Before He Cheats
    (2) Blown Away
    (3) Just A Dream
    (4) All American Girl
    (5) Two Black Cadillacs

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    Obsessed Carrie Fan cmuf2011's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    A new top 5 catergory has been add top 5 covers now remember you don't have to do all the catergories listed, and if you think of another top 5 share it
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    Just remember to mention that nobody list is permanent so if you think of a performance, a cover, etc that you like better feel free to edit your post, i won't start tallying up the results until November 1

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    Junior Carrie Follower DazzledByCarrie's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Top 5 Songs:
    1. What Can I Say
    2. I Know You Won't
    3. Something In The Water
    4. Two Black Cadillacs
    5. Just A Dream

    Top 5 Performances:
    1. How Great Thou Art - Girls Night Out
    2. O Holy Night - All-Star Holiday Special
    3. Keep Us Safe
    4. Jesus, Take The Wheel - Walmart Soundcheck
    5. I Know You Won't - PCA's

    Top 5 Music Videos:
    1. Just A Dream
    2. Good Girl
    3. Temporary Home
    4. Mama's Song
    5. Two Black Cadillacs

    Top 5 Covers:
    1. Remember When
    2. Neon Moon
    3. I Remember You
    4. Voices Carry
    5. Alone

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    Obsessed Carrie Fan tgbrinker's Avatar
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    Minneapolis, MN
    In no particular order, that would be too hard.

    Top 5 Songs:
    -Little Toy Guns
    -Wine After Whiskey
    -Blown Away
    -Good In Goodbye
    -Last Name

    Top 5 Performances:
    -How Great Thou Art - ACM Girls Night Out 2011
    -Keep Us Safe - ACM All Star Salute to the Troops 2014
    -I Know You Won't - PCA's 2009
    -Songs Like This - CMA's 2010
    -Paradise City - CMA Fest 2013

    Top 5 Music Videos:
    -Little Toy Guns
    -Blown Away
    -Two Black Cadillacs
    -Last Name
    -Before He Cheats

    Top 5 Covers:
    -Remember When
    -Neon Moon (This is actually my #1)
    -Fix You
    -See You Again/See You Again medley (a bit of a cheat but I love it!)

    I quite enjoy how my songs and performances don't match at all. She's just too good!
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    Concert Stars
    I just stumbled across this as a result of a different member game getting revived. But here are my top fives!
    Songs: Low, Church Bells, Something in the Water, Relapse, Chaser
    Performances: HGTA at Girls Night Out, Cry Pretty at 2018 ACMs, 2013 CMA Medley, Softly and Tenderly, 2019 Drinking Alone at CMAs
    Music Videos: Blown Away, Two Black Cadillacs, Before He Cheats, Just a Dream, Something in the Water
    Covers: Fix You, Alone, I Will Always Love You, Neon Moon, Paradise City

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    Obsessed Carrie Fan cmuf2011's Avatar
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    Itís been a few years since I did this so feel free to list your top 5

    Music videos
    Concert moments
    CMA hosting bits/commercials
    Songs- Non singles
    Favorite Surprises
    Favorite duets
    Favorite covers.
    Favorite Christmas songs that Carrie sung note doesnít have to be on an album
    Favorite Mike and Carrie moments
    Award show speeches

    Note feel free to do the top 5 categories that you want to do. You donít have to do all of these

    Note if you already did this you can do it again it been. Over 5 years since I did a top 5


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