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Thread: Privacy Policy on Reposting of My Videos: Please Read.

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    Privacy Policy on Reposting of My Videos: Please Read.

    Uploading of my videos to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. without my permission has been an occasional problem, one that I have not really addressed clearly until now. In the past, my general policy has been that people can upload my videos to YouTube, etc. as long as I am given credit. Oftentimes, I don't really mind if other people upload my videos because it saves me time (it takes me a while to upload stuff). But it is just common courtesy to ask me first before doing so, since these are my videos. I will now lay out a more clearly defined policy for uploading my videos:

    1) You must ask for my permission first, either in my video thread or through a PM. Permission may be denied if I decide to upload the video myself.

    2) Credit to me must be given here and on the YouTube, Vimeo, etc. video page in the description of the video.

    3) On YouTube, Vimeo, etc., the credit must be clearly visible, meaning that you shouldn't have to click on the "Show more" button to see it.

    This policy is effective immediately and also applies to posting of my videos to other message boards. Any failure to follow this policy will likely result in me asking you to take the video down or filing a copyright claim if necessary. Thank you.
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    Sounds fair. People should be recognize for their efforts.

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    That sounds fair. You put a lot of work into all those caps so it's only fair that you get credit for it.

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    That's sounds fair, you are the one who's putting your time and hard work to upload these awesome Carrie videos for us and people who upload your videos to youtube should give you the credit.

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    This is totally fair Richard BTW, check the video forum, there are a couple of vids that I need reuploaded when you get the chance..also check your PMs

    Again totally agree!!!!!!!


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