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    Rose of Sharon Hibiscus Tree?

    I have a 2 foot tall hibiscus tree. How many feet will it grow each year? I ordered this online and received it earlier this week. It's alive, perky and well. This is a potted indoor plant under plant lights. How fast will it grow? Thanks!!

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    I love gardening. I am not familiar with "indoor" Hibiscus plants.
    They are very popular in Calif. but not indoors.
    Normal growing habits would be about 3 - 4 feet per growing season until it is full grown.
    But an indoor variety without the soil to grow wild would be a very different story. with plenty of water and "food", maybe 12 in. in a growing season.

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    Really this is reliable details i like this actually i was in looking for this details and considering to create a link for this tyep Tree covers and Garden but i have no need to create any line after study out this details anyways thanks for this and have a awesome day


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