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Thread: Inmates rights -Corrections assignment

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    Inmates rights -Corrections assignment

    Ok guys and girls Iím desperate project is due today and I need to do a survey of general public views on inmates rights so if you arenít in the criminal justice field then please answer these two questions

    Already asked family and friends but none of them got back to me and I would prefer not to have to make up results

    #1 What do you believe inmates should be allowed
    #2 What activityís and amenities should they be provided with

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    #1 - Library - to get books to read, physical activity, mental health care, basic tv. I am a firm believer that everything should be basic - they are there because they are being punished for something. They also should be allowed visitors

    #2. As I said above they are there because of a serious crime, they should only be provided with the basic necessities. This place shouldn't be better than what we provide for the veterans, poor or schools.
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    As far as public opinion goes, I may not be of direct relevance to your project, as I'm not American, and issues are likely to differ between countries.

    This article may give you some ideas
    Issues Surrounding the Rights of Prisoners

    I would say that, regardless of conditions in particular places, there are basic human rights that should be addressed. In prisons, this would include the right to access and practice religious observances and any special dietary needs. It would also include the protection of vulnerable inmates from violent or abusive treatment by other prisoners, forced participation in gang culture, sexual slavery, etc. This may involve more use of periods of observation before inmates are integrated into existing prison culture, and measures to minimize the opportunities for long term inmates with egregious records within the criminal sub-culture to become dominant in prison wings or areas of recreation. Selective use of segregation of prisoners may be necessary.

    A priority, both for the individual, and for the general public, should be to try to minimize the risk of re-offending (which is often high, and tends to be increased by some aspects of prison sub-culture). Rehabilitation, counseling, training, trying to rectify any previous inadequacies in education and employment potential, should not be seen so much as luxuries, or privileges denied to persons outside prison, but rather as aspects of making the system work more in the interests of the society it seeks to protect from further transgression.
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    1. It depends on the crime. Basic human needs: Drink, Food, Bed, Bath, Toiletry & medication if needed. If it is a serious crime such as murder, rape, child molestation etc... DNA testing to prove innocence or guilt.

    2. If serious offender, none outside of water, food, shower, toilet, medical. sit in your cell & do your time until the end of your time. It's not hotel service, it's PRISON. No special diets, treatments etc. The offender knew the cost BEFORE he/she committed the crime. The victims were denied their right to life, safety & choice. No mercy was shown the victim, no mercy will be shown the criminal.

    If light offender, basic human rights but require schooling & training possibly to right the ship when they get out. Not offer, REQUIRE. Too many commit crimes just to do their time and then become moles in the system. They call it "easy time". Be a stand up person you won't have to worry about rights in prison now would you. No tv.'s, no fun magazines, no b-ball, nothing considered extra.

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    I think think they should be allowed a roof over their head, meals and medical. Other than that they shouldn’t be allowed anything else. It should not be a good experience so they will not want to come back.


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