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Thread: Please help! :)

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    Please help! :)


    I hesitated to post this, as I don't like to toot my own horn. But, I could really use some extra votes, and I thought there might be some fellow tea lovers here.

    I decided to enter the Bigelow Tea Contest because I've loved tea for years (Mom started me off when I had a cold as a kid). My friends and family always laugh about my love of tea, because I always seem to be drinking some! I also could really use the prize, as my mobile device has been on the blink lately and funds are low.

    So, if you have a free moment, please visit and cast a vote for my short tea video. (Note: The contest is on Bigelow's Facebook page. I never heard of before entering this contest.)

    It allows people to vote once a day, and the contest ends Wednesday, Jan. 29. After the voting period ends, the tea company will vote based on creativity, etc.
    I sure would appreciate your vote! Thanks, in advance!
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