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Thread: Prayer request

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    Prayer request

    This weekend I had the unfortunate accident of one of my teeth breaking. I suffer from (I would say severe) TMJ & bruxism. I couldn't afford a new mouth guard so I've been without one for a couple months. But a broken tooth is going to cost big bucks. Luckily I'm still on my parents insurance until I'm 26. My insurance will only cover 50% of the cost. So it will most likely cost around $800-$1000. And that's money I don't have. My husband and I are still currently in Canada doing missions and we are going come for a few weeks this summer and I want to get my tooth fixed then. But you have to pay up front and I can't do that as of right now. So prayers that our support for our missions would increase, or that we would be blessed with the amount needed. I don't want anything to get worse and go untreated. And money for a good quality mouth guard would be amazing. Due to TMJ not being a medical issue (technically) insurance won't cover any cost of a professional mouth guard. And those run as high as $800 as well. Thank you for your prayers, they are so greatly appreciated.

    Thanks CFANS!

    - Danielle

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    Your definitely will be in my prayers. God Bless you.

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    We'll be praying for you! I hope that your finances come together so you can get it all taken care of. Having issues with your teeth and jaw cannot be easy to deal with.

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    Your in my prayers as well
    I don't know what insurance you have, but here in California we have something called Western dental, and while you do have to put something down it is a percentage and you can make monthly payments with no interest. I know they have offices in a lot of areas I just don't know if they have one by you.


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