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    Computer - Smartphone Tips & Help

    I thought a thread about Computer and Smart phones would be helpful. Being a network engineer and PC tech for 12 years I can help with most Windows & hardware questions. Plus most iOS 4 & 5 as well as Android questions. I'm sure there are others on here that are PC gurus and hopefully Apple savy, as I have only played around with Mac OSs. So if you have tips, suggestions or need help please post. I have already talked to CFers on the phone and I can also work on PCs remotely and I love to help Carrie fans w/o charge.

    A heads up. The latest version of Chrome, which, if you have updates set to automatic, will install without telling you will remove almost all your extensions, including Adblock. Google is following Mozilla in requiring all extensions to be user approved. If you haven't noticed when you install updates or software, even from (best place to get malware free software) if you don't pay close attention and uncheck options you'll get all kinds of junk installed, including extensions, especially toolbars. This is a big security issue, not to mention a pain in the butt. So Google is trying to stop it. This means if you use Chrome, which is currently my favorite browser, you need to check your version and extensions and will have to re-install most of them.

    New cool widget for Android 4 is a musical clock widget. You get a staff which shows the date as the time signature, the time and AM is shown as a treble clef and PM as the bass. As a music lover I love it. So if you have an Android phone check out the musical clock widget.

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    Hi, you have shared a lot of about the andior phone security and Iphone (and it's all show that you have a good experience in this field ) so I want to attach my smartphone with my home's security system. how can I do, I hope you'll suggest me a good way. thanks in advance.
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