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    A little insight into what is going on in business in general right now... Because of the high cost of gas I've had to pull a couple of routes of the road.. I've combined areas to save on gas and production costs... Sadly I've had to let some really good people go...It breaks my Heart and I'm sure it's influanced my posts the last couple of days.... So I apologize to the board for that...Radio is a business also with bottom lines to meet... There losing listeners in Drive time because of the economy so who can blame them for trying to make up the difference by taking money by other means... Don't worry though OUR GIRL will come out of all this standing on her feet... I still think this great fan site is no place to make Personal stands that are offensive to some people... I notice that this person is supported by Many people on this forum...So instead of making a bigger issue out of it and giving this person the attention they are seeking I will cease coming to this forum... Im about to make another try to Qualify for the Open so I'm gonna put all my focus and energy into that.... KEEP THE FAITH FOLKS!!!


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