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    found this article

    A Christmas cow story
    by Grant Scott - Story: 68893
    Dec 23, 2011 / 11:25 am

    Lady Antebellum is one lucky cow.
    After nine months alone, wandering the wilds of...Vancouver, Lady Antebellum is now enjoying the much more pastoral setting of the Critteraid Farm in Summerland.
    Photo: Contributed - Critteraid
    Lady Antebellum was on her own in the Lower Mainland for the past nine months.

    The story begins last March when motorists in the Lower Mainlaind complained to the RCMP about a cow that was seen near the freeway. Despite their best efforts, the young Angus cow eluded capture.
    She ended up in a Surrey park bog and at one time she was seen under the Port Mann Bridge, all the while avoiding coyotes, vicious dogs, and humans.
    She found some vegetation through to the Fall, then concerned park walkers started feeding her so she would not starve to death. She was nicknamed Nellie by some and April by others.
    The Vancouver based ecology organization, Lifeforce, was told about her plight on December 11.
    They immediately contacted officials and organizations to instigate a rescue effort, eventually coming into contact with Deborah Silk of the Critteraid Farm.
    Critteraid offered a home and their Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team (CDART) provided the capture team and transport.
    On December 19, they managed to get Lady Antebellum into a corral to allow her to become calm enough to be transferred to a safer location.
    It took a couple of tries to get her loaded. The first attempt ending spectacularly, as she bolted and literally went airborne over a huge rock.
    Finally, last Wednesday, the CDART transport trailer came from Summerland, loaded her up and had her on the way to a safe sanctuary for the rest of her life.
    She spent the first night at Critteraid using the capture trailer as her home. It was there the staff named her Lady Antebellum.
    She will spend the next few weeks resting from her capture and travel adventure and settle in to the good life at Critteraid Farm while the good folks at Critteraid begin the search for a permanent home for this very special lady.
    For more information on either of these organizations, visit or
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    Cute story. Good luck Lady A.


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