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    Smile My Fan Fiction story!

    Jedi Council Forums - "Shadows of Coruscant" (Completed) 2 months after Battle of Geonosis:Barriss Offee,Luminara Unduli

    Please visit this link and tell me what you think of my new Fan Fiction story! I worked super hard on this and it took me a little over a week to write it! The problem is, I don't seem to get very many comments on the website I posted it on, so I decided to see what you guys on carriefans thought of it! You guys are all my friends I feel like, so I trust you will give me feedback on it! If you have any questions about the storyline or characters, just ask me here! And leave your comments here too!

    Remember, I do not own any characters, locations, etc. in that story and am in no way making money from it! I just want to hear comments on my writing! Thanks a million!


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