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Thread: I'm Sorry

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    Unhappy I'm Sorry

    I apologize for my rants thread. it was out of hand, but i'm trying to get kicked off! or banned whatever. so i can start a new profile. i'm sorry if i offended anyone. especially to nannygirl. i didnt mean it. honestly i just want to start a new profile. can you not delete it? Jeff, if your out there, please ban me. I love carrie and i love all you fans. you make my day. if not for you, carrie wouldn't have the amazing career that she has. also, i feel like everyone here is so friendly. i just want to start over. i feel like i got off on the wrong foot. Please forgive me.

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    if you're truly sorry you don't need to get banned. if you're truly sorry just continue posting here, and i'm sure the folks on here can tell you are sorry. we don't delete accounts here


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