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    'Trust" movie Trailer- scenes from my high school! (:

    We've had a few movies filmed at my old high school over the over the past two years. "Conviction" with Hilary Swank (she even wrote the school a thank-you-note- so sweet!), and we also had another movie filmed in our town.
    Last year, they filmed a movie with David Schwimmer (of Friends), called "Trust."
    The movie trailer is now out, and a few scenes from our high school can be seen in it.
    A few of my friends met David when he was filming, and said he was really sweet and down-to-earth too.
    Anyway, I thought I'd share this, it's so exciting for our town! Hopefully the movie will do well.
    Check out the trailer, looks like a great movie!

    YouTube - TRUST Theatrical Trailer

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    Good for your school!!


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