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    Please help me reach Carrie (URGENT)


    My name is Braden Muhlstadt and I am contacting you with a long stretch of a request. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over 5 years and she is everything that I wish I could be. Her name is Brittany Kleszynski and she is like nobody I have ever, or will ever, meet in my entire life. She has never thought about herself or thought about what is best for her, and she puts so much of herself into those surrounding her. Her mind is always on "how can I make this person's life happier" or "what can I do to bring happiness into this person's life." She deserves to have something done for her. Throughout those 5 years we have gone through a lot, both good and bad. But one thing that has not changed and has stayed permanent the entire time is her love for Carrie Underwood. She has followed Carrie ever since the beginning of her career and has memorized nearly every song. She plays them all the time (to the point where I have many songs memorized). In fact, Carrie Underwood was a big influence on her adolescent and high school years. She wanted to become a singer and felt so strongly about this dream until she came to college to pursue veterinary medicine. There was a period where she actually tried out for American Idol for many years. She is now in veterinary school at the University of Illinois and she is amazing at what she does. Ever since I met her in our small farmtown high school, I knew that she would be the one I would marry. This is the main point of why I am trying to reach Carrie. I know that she has a tour coming up this next year, and I was planning to propose to Brittany this upcoming year. I want to make this proposal the most special, memorable night for Brittany that I can because I know she deserves it. As I was thinking about what could make it special, it was very obvious to me that anything involving Carrie Underwood would be the most memorable event in her entire life. Thus, I was really hope I could collaborate with Carrie to propose to Brittany during a concert when she came near Illinois. I would really REALLY appreciate it if this could happen. For everything that Brittany has done for me and everyone else around her, I would really like to give back what she deserves. Please help me with this.

    Thank you,
    Braden Muhlstadt


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