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    You probably receive messages like these constantly but I'm your #1 Fan because I have loved you and your music since your phenomenal beginning. The moment you walked onto that American Idol stage has since then changed my life. I have loved you since that moment. I can honestly say with all these other fans able to view this. If it wasn't for you, Carrie Marie Underwood, I would not be alive today to send you this message. You have saved my life numerous times with your stellar songs, personality and performance. I was inspired to sing when I was around two to four years old by my cousin. When she would babysit, she would always play her guitar and so g me her own original songs before tucking me in at night. I got discouraged a lot until YOU inspired me again! Now, nobody will stand in my way of pursuing the music industry. I love you and your music so much and I hope to meet you someday! You're #1 Fan!


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