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    I'm blown away by your stance on gay marriage

    Carrie, I am so disappointed in your belief in gay marriage. Have you read Romans 1:26-27 and STUDIED the first chapter of Romans in detail? First of all, there are three purposes of marriage: 1.) the primary purpose is to reflect God's glory / image; "by ignoring His design, it will lead to chaos, confusion, pain and suffering" in your own marriage. ("The Art of Marriage" by FamilyLife presents) 2.) He created marriage for our pleasure. 3.) to procreate and raise kids to worship and honor God.

    Secondly, God LETS homosexuality happen because if you study Romans, homosexuality is "God's Wrath Against Mankind" (NIV). Are you letting Hollywood creap into your soul?? Leaning towards the ways of the world versus the ways of God? Carrie, please don't strip your honor for God for pop culture! Again, I'm so disappointed and will not purchase any more of your music until you change your stance on this issue.


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