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    Dear Carrie, How are you doing? I just wanted you to be aware of the problems that I have been having with you fan club. I have been a member since 2007, and when I tried to renew my membership this year with my pre-paid credit card ( my only source of income right now is unemployment and I used my last check to put money on my pre-paid credit card to pay for the fan club) and only had enough money on the card to cover the cost of the membership. When I tried to process the credit card, it did not go through and I received a message to try it again. Unbeknownst to me, each time the fan club charged my credit card a $1 hold authorization fee which cost my bank to charge my account $1 transaction fee (for a total of $4), so now there is not enough money on my credit card to pay for the membership and neither your fan club nor my bank will reverse the fees, so I can join. Apparently, your fan club cares more about $2 than your fans. I unable to join the fan club, sorry I thought you should know. Joseph Gallo

    p.s. you will be happy to hear that your fan club came through and gave me a free one yer membership
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