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    Hi Carrie,
    I am LITTERALY your BIGGEST fan!!! I know you probably get a lot of people that send you stuff and say that, but I'm not kidding!!!! Ask anybody. Carrie if I see anything of you I cry tears of joy!!!!! I never met you but I know everything about you, I've seen every picture of you "LITTERALY" even you in a cheese hat!!!! I try to be like you I sing and people say if I met you we would shake hands and I would know everything about you, because I do. My first concert EVER was you in 2005 at the del mar fair!! I have been obsessed with you since you audition for American Idol I was 4!!! I would die if I met you!!! I know you don't answer these kinds of things but it was worth a shot. Carrie you are my everything and I mean EVERYTHING!!!! I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! PLEASE reply I have soooooo many questions for you!!!!
    Maddie Mae Salute (a.k.a) your biggest fan!!


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