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    Post Love for you and you music....they healed me from many attacks of epilepsia

    DEar Carrie! In among of my illness was also epilepsia, I didnt listen to any kind of music, maybe just in good days two songs, and that was hard. One day on youtube I found you, just God provided, I dont remember how, so I started to listen you, and more important it was who is behind this songs. Your personality, songs, word of them, your faith in Jesus, beauty outside and inside, but the most important it was your voice and emotions that you bring to it- healed me. Today I can listen to music, 99% I listen to you & your voice, because I can feel Holy Spirit and gift that God gave to you. That is extra gift, to heal people and their hearts. In the songs and your voice I can notice your personality and your beautiful soul that give me peace. When I listen to you I do not have epi attacks, that is most important then any award. I know that I am not the only one. I write poetry, and one song I dedicated to this testimony, another day I will posted it. Another thing is interested, I from the country in Europe when country genre is not popular, and how I started to listen to you I dont know, my brain is demage because of attacks of epilepsia and sometimes I dont remeber, but I know...THE GOD WAYS ARE MISTERIUS, LIKE HE SAYS "MY WAY IS NOT YOUR WAY...". PRAISE THE LORD AND THANKS TO HIM THAT WE ARE HIS CHILDREN, AND THIS IS THE MOST BEUTIFUL THING. Thank you Carrie for being such wonderful artist and God child. Congrats for your carrier in music and for everything that will happened, God is faithfull and He will be with you always... Love you very much. Merry Christmas to you and Mike and yours family!!!


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