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    Carrie! I cannot Wait to see you!

    Carrie! I am so pleased to say that I will finally...FINALLY..after all these years...get to see you in concert!! Wow, I never thought I'd say that! For a while there, I thought it wasn't gonna happen!

    In case you're wondering, the event I will get to see you at is Bayou Country Superfest 2012! You will be performing there on Saturday, May 26, 2012! I am so very happy that you are headlining that day because it has always been my dream to see you in LSU's Tiger Stadium!!

    Maybe you read my plea to you last summer to please, please come here to Louisiana!! For whatever reason, you decided to come and I am so thankful and grateful that you did! This means THE WORLD to me, you have no idea what you mean to me.

    You have helped me through some pretty tough times and I don't know what I would do or would have done without your music!

    I've been to the past 2 superfests in Baton rouge and they were awesome, but it just wasn't the same when I knew you could be up on that stage getting the crowd to its feet! It's a huge stadium but I know you are not intimidated by big places because you won American Idol and sang up there like it was nothing!

    The reason I have never been able to see you in concert before is because you have rarely visited Louisiana on tour! I understand that in 2008 you and Mr. Keith Urban came, but the tickets sold out super fast and I didn't get to go, while all my friends did! I was heartbroken!

    But now that is all over with! I just bought my tickets last night for the superfest! Whoo hoo! It's official. Me, my mom and my dad will be coming to see you and Mr. Keith Urban!! And if I remember correctly Jarod Neimann and Eric Church and Little Big Town will be there on Day 1 too!

    my parents are big fans of you too and they are so excited to get to see you too! We all celebrated when we found out you would be coming!!

    This trip will be my graduation present because I graduate May 23, just 3 days before I get to see you! this is the best gift any person could ever ask for and I am so happy I am getting to go!

    Rain or shine, I will come to see you anytime! And so will everyone else. You have a lot of fans in Louisiana! I know you have been super busy on your tours and maybe you just didn't have time to stop by, or maybe your management didn't choose our state for you to visit, but that is okay!

    About 2,000 to 3,000 fans attend the event each year! I know you will have all of us rocking out to songs like "Undo It" or "Cowboy Casanova" or "Last Name" or "Before He Cheats".

    We are all suckers for your inspirational songs too, like "Jesus, Take the Wheel", "Temporary Home", and "Just A Dream"!

    Just know that I will be somewhere out there in the sea of people, cheering you on with tears in my eyes! I cannot wait to see you!

    By then you will have out a new album and a new tour and new songs!! i wonder what you will be singing. No matter what, I will learn all the words by heart and will be singing along! Thank you so much for coming! you are the best person to ever come to the superfest!

    I can't wait to buy a t-shirt of you! They sell all kinds of stuff like that there. That will be the first thing I buy!!

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much you mean to us fans! We love and adore you and will support you no matter what! Oh, and good luck hosting the CMA Awards with Mr. Brad Paisley pretty soon! I wish he would stop by Baton Rouge sometime!!

    Much Love!


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