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    Your Listening Ear

    When you turn on the radio and hear the music thatís played today,
    Do you listen to the words and what the songs are trying to say.
    There are many artists out there, only a few stand apart,
    The ones that listening to their music can mend a broken heart.
    Many of their songs can bring a lot of happiness to your life,
    Hearing them on the day you marry your husband or your wife.
    There is one country gal out there who is the cream of the crop,
    Combining her beliefs with her voice, no wonder why she is on top.
    She is an ALL AMERICAN GIRL, a member of the American Idol team,
    Becoming a singer adored by millions, for her was JUST A DREAM.
    She is driven to make songs in which the words seem so real,
    The reason this is made possible, she let JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.
    She sings songs about love and not letting your heart roam,
    She sings songs about heaven and how earth is our TEMPORARY HOME.
    She sings songs about men and their evil adventures under the sheets,
    And what signs to look for in him BEFORE HE CHEATS.
    She sings about her mother, dedicating to her MAMAíS SONG,
    Giving thanks for her love and helping her feel like sheíll always belong.
    She sings about the men she calls, the COWBOY CASANOVAS of her life,
    She finally roped one in and now he is lucky to have her as his wife.
    Her goals were never SO SMALL, making them to easy to achieve,
    She never gave up or became a QUITTER, but had the will to believe.
    SOME HEARTS will love her, those that donít will surely change,
    When they have the opportunity to hear her unbelievable range.
    She is happily married, very beautiful, and extremely fit,
    Sounds like she has it all and no reason to UNDO IT.
    Even though she is married, professionally sheís kept her LAST NAME,
    Having her name be Fisher, just would not be the same.
    Her career will always PLAY ON, because she sings from her heart,
    If you donít believe me, listen to her rendition of HOW GREAT THOU ART.
    I may need to remind you, there is no need to REMIND ME,
    That a Carrie Underwood concert is a future must see.
    Donít let this information be WASTED, open up your listening ear,
    Get excited for her new album and tour that starts next year.


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