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    Jesus Take the Wheel Story That Will Give You Goosebumps

    This makes the hair on my arms stand up every time I tell it:

    My 17 yr old daughter was on her way home from work this last Friday evening at 10:40 pm. It had been down pouring for the last hour and was still raining. As she was merging from one interstate onto another her car began to hydroplane. The next thing you know she was spinning out of control on the she tried to regain control of the car she entered the grassy median heading towards the on coming two lanes of interstate traffic. Just as she was about to enter the road going the wrong way her car came to a stop. As soon as she stopped your song "Jesus Take The Wheel" was playing on her was a sign that there is a higher power that took care of her that night..and gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. She was OK and was able to drive back out of the median with little damage to the car. What amazes me is how your song was playing right as the car came to a stop and her life and maybe others were spared as a result of a higher power.


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