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    Honoring Troops and Vets on 9/11 from samll town USA

    Ft Branch is a small town near Evansville Indiana. Plan to show America a huge example of American Spirit from small town America. Bicentennial is this year. Plan to feed 100+ troops and vets. All coming from the community and more specifically from kitchens of hundreds of households. We long for a celebrity with a huge heart for the troops to mingle with them for an hour. Do not even have to perform. This will be a day of entertainment and fireworks laid out on school grounds and on the football field where we will have a picnic style meal. Many are getting enthused. Looks like a parade with 200-300 cycles including Rolling Thunder, Leathernecks and other proud Americans leading a parade marching them to the school. Some bikers committing from as far away as Cincinnati (4 hours). Started with a dream and is building into something that could easily go to 5000 attendees (town has less that 3000). If you would help we KNOW it would go way over that number. Please search your heart and consider helping in whatever way you can. If you cannot maybe you know of another celebrity that has the time (only 2 hour drive to Evansville from Nashville). I know the troops/vets would appreciate it. Some have been drawn to tears with gratitude just knowing we care and refuse to forget them. This is a request in their honor on the 10th anniversary of that dark day in our history.


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