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    Please read Carrie Underwood

    Dear Carrie UnderWood,
    ** * This letter is coming from a women with 6 kids in need... My name is Cherisse Ballard.. I thought about you, after listening to your song, *mama song, my heart was drawn to you because that is a mothers prayer that every mother hopes for their little girl.. You spoke directly to my heart on what I was feeling and you put it into a song. Thank you. But That isn't the only song that speaks to my heart that you have made too. You have such a warm, loving and kindness about you. You will always make a hit song in my eyes. Now I take a moment of your time to tell you my story.
    ** * I have a family member in Hollywood, in the movie business. His name is Alimi Ballard which you may have heard of him. He has been around for quite sometime which he appeared in several movies and television series and his *last movie he just appeared in was The *Fast Five which he played with several celebrity *actors and singers.. I recently reached out to him for help because my 2 year old *daughter just had open heart surgery and I am being evicted out of my apartment. In desperate need of help, and he never asked me what I needed or *what could he do for me or ask how can he help. All I was granted was a word of prayer on Facebook.. I know this is not your problem Carrie UnderWood but sometimes life throws you in places where you have to ask somebody. So I am begging and asking you to please have a heart even if he did not have one to please help... This is not a host, this is actually a event that is happening in my life and having no one to help and reachout too. I don't need much and I had offered to pay him back on what he would *have loaned me, so *I guess that applies to you Carrie UnderWood. *All i am in need of is $1,700. Please Carrie UnderWood if you are reading your fan mail or mail please answer this letter before the 30th of this month. I don't want to be on the street with kids and with a baby that just had open heart surgery 3 weeks ago...*
    ** * * * * Yours truly ,
    ** * * * * * * Cherisse Ballard
    You can reach me by this*number 19144231972.*

    P.S In our lives, when we have loss all control Jesus will take the wheel..Hope to hear from you soon. If you can help Thank You!*


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