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    Mrs.Carrie Please Read This

    Hello,I'm Krystyn Nicole Ryder I'm 13 years old nd i think you are an absoulotly beautiful and amazing person. I've watched you since you won Idol and i have wanted to be like you since. Would you please book the Centurytel in Shreveport,Louisiana for your next tour. I live just south of Shreveport in Mansfield,a little town nobodys ever heard of. Mrs.Carrie I think you are the most beautiful and talented person in the buisness I look up to you and I'm glad that you talk openly about your faith. One day I want to open up for you at a concert I am a singer songwriter and I dream to be a country singer like you. My dad is a band manger his name is Randy Ryder. He manages the band Seven Hours To Southland. You should look them up. Mrs. Carrie one more thing I want to be just like you and folow in your foot steps I saw you in your car in Nashville,Well it was around the Brentwood area my dad took me there for a a christmas present i saw you driving in your car and i saw Mr.Brad Paisely in toys r us. You both are pretty cool. but that is when i relized you are just a person and that you deserve your personal space. Oh and i promise this is the last thing,I know you are very very busy but could you please e-mail me at that is if you have time. Okay well bye.
    Love In Christ,
    Krystyn Nicole


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