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Thread: Dear Carrie,

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    Dear Carrie,

    I can't even begin to say how amazing you are! You're a superstar ON STAGE and offstage!! not only are your vocals just impeccable and FLAWLESS but your stage presence and just how you handle yourself is quite impressive. You're the epitome of grace and class and I'm so proud to call myself of fan of you.
    You were the one that brought me into the whole realm of country music as I was blown away by your live performances and listened over and over again to your albums. I'll never forget your performance of "Jesus Take The Wheel" at the ACM and I'm sure no one will either-the LONG standing ovation speaks volumes. Your medley of your #1 singles at the AMA was also quite memorable to me. outstanding as usual. wow, can't imagine how spectacular if you were ever to perform a medley of your #1 singles as there would be a breathtaking trail of 13 singles following!!!

    So happy that Mike is now in Nashville with you It sure is sweet of you supporting mike at his games every time you can Long and happy-blissful life for you carrie!! <3 Can't wait to see you at ACM knocking the ball completely out of the park as you always do because You, Carrie Is THE entertainer


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