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    Alternative Spring Break

    This coming week (February 26-March 5) twelve students from the University of Maine will be traveling to Nashville as a part of the Alternative Spring Break program. This program is designed to be chemical free trip that is completely about volunteering. We will be putting in a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer work this week at the Martha O'Bryan Center. Throughout the past year we have all worked really hard to fund-raise for this trip. We have also volunteered at local organizations in the Bangor area in preparation for this trip. Myself and a couple of members in my group have expressed the hope to go to the Opry the night that you are preforming. We decided as a group tonight that we really would love to see you in concert! I know that it's a long shot, but we were wondering if there was any way, or anyone we could contact to maybe get backstage passes or a chance to talk? We think that this is going to be a great note to end our trip on, as we will be leaving Saturday morning! We all know it's a long shot, but we figure it's worth a shot! : )


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