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    What is the "Official Keeper" thing about?

    I noticed on a lot of people's profiles they are an "official keeper" of something, like for example, So and so is the official keeper of Carrie's Before He Cheats performance. What does that mean?

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    There is a 'Keeper request thread' at the top of the board.

    Here's an example:

    "I want to be the keeper of Carrie's performance of "Temporary Home" at the 2010 ACM awards.

    Mod: OK, it's not taken. Then the mod will add whatever you're the "keeper" of underneath your signature.

    It can be anything Carrie related, as long as someone else is not a 'keeper" of the item you want.

    It doesn't have meaning or anything, I think it's just something fun and creative that popped up on the board awhile back.


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