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Thread: Don Williams, RIP

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    Don Williams, RIP

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Don Williams, one of the giants of our genre. His rich voice and steady, unhurried delivery marked much of what was most memorable in the classic male Country singers.

    He had a particular link with the international Country community, touring so regularly overseas - in my opinion, one of the best ambassadors the genre ever had.

    Earlier this year, his varied influence was shown when many later artists joined together to produce a tribute album to him, containing many of his trademark songs - "Gentle Giant" - highly recommended:

    1. Tulsa Time - Pistol Annies
    2. I Believe in You - Brandy Clark
    3. We've Got a God Fire Goin' - Lady Antebellum
    4. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend - Dierks Bentley
    5. Amanda - Chris Stapleton Feat. Morgane Stapleton
    6. Till the Rivers All Run Dry - Alison Krauss
    7. Love Is on a Roll - John Prine Feat. Roger Cook
    8. If I Needed You - Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires
    9. Maggie's Dream - Trisha Yearwood
    10. Lord I Hope This Day Is Good - Keb' Mo'
    11. Good Ole Boys Like Me - Garth Brooks.

    Two of the songs he made famous seem particularly worth quoting - the gentle and inclusive anthem of love and hope, "I Believe in You" (written by Roger Cook & Sam Hogin)

    "I don't believe in superstars
    Organic food and foreign cars
    I don't believe the price of gold
    The certainty of growing old
    That right is right and left is wrong
    That north and south can't get along
    That east is east and west is west
    And being first is always best.

    But I believe in love, I believe in babies
    I believe in mom and dad, and I believe in you.

    Well I don't believe that heaven waits
    For only those who congregate
    I like to think of God as love
    He's down below, He's up above
    He's watching people everywhere
    He knows who does and doesn't care
    And I'm an ordinary man
    Sometimes I wonder who I am.

    But I believe in love, I believe in music
    I believe in magic, and I believe in you.

    I know with all my certainty what's goin'
    With you and me is a good thing
    It's true, I believe in you."

    ----- and "Good Ole Boys Like Me", a thoughtful song that captures the spirit of the Old South, in a way that moves beyond a nostalgic lament, to also document its failings, the power of learning, and the inevitability of change (written by Bob McDill)

    "When I was a kid Uncle Remus he put me to bed
    With a picture of Stonewall Jackson above my head
    Then daddy came in to kiss his little man
    With gin on his breath and a Bible in his hand
    He talked about honor and things I should know
    Then he'd stagger a little as he went out the door

    I can still hear the soft Southern winds in the live oak trees
    And those Williams boys they still mean a lot to me
    Hank and Tennessee
    I guess we're all gonna be what we're gonna be
    So what do you do with good ole boys like me

    Nothing makes a sound in the night like the wind does
    But you ain't afraid if you're washed in the blood like I was
    The smell of cape jasmine through the window screen
    John R. and the Wolfman kept me company
    By the light of the radio by my bed
    With Thomas Wolfe whispering in my head

    When I was in school I ran with kid down the street
    But I watched him burn himself up on bourbon and speed
    But I was smarter than most and I could choose
    Learned to talk like the man on the six o'clock news
    When I was eighteen, Lord, I hit the road
    But it really doesn't matter how far I go"

    Finally, there is on You Tube, a film of one of his last concerts, in Ireland last year

    RIP, Don
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    Don was the coolest most laid back dude ever. Loved, loved, loved his music & his style. He will be missed.
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    So sorry to hear of his passing. My aunts grew up on his music.
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    Hoping Brad Paisley & Carrie can do a tribute at CMA's ie they did for Eddie Arnold for Don Williams, RIP, "I Believe in U" … "Amanda" …

    "Tulsa Time"

    Also Love, love "Your my Best Friend"
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    Hoping for a tribute at the CMAs also. Gosh we sure have lost some wonderful voices. Can you just imagine the harmonies in heaven?

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    #RIP Music Man ����
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    The guys of today could learn from the lyrics of his songs. RIP Don Williams
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    It will be a particularly sad tribute this year with the loss of Don and especially Troy, mainly because he was so young and it was so unexpected.
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    "Thank you for that ‘Captain Obvious’ sense of humor because you know what, we not only hit the high notes, you forgot to mention we generally hit the ‘right’ notes as well."
    -Kelly Clarkson to Scott Borchetta about American Idol artists
    Thanks so much Danielle!

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    Anderson East, and the Cobb cousins, Brent & Dave, have recorded this tribute to Don Williams, for Ram Trucks

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