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Thread: Meghan Lindsey Poisonous Spider Bite leave HOLE IN FACE!

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    Meghan Lindsey Poisonous Spider Bite leave HOLE IN FACE!

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    That was terrible! Poor girl, we have them here...I bet you do too! Scary!!

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    I follow her ( since SM,I loved them) and subsequently her ordeal with this. Too creepy.
    The real creepy part is that a brown recluse was just wondering around her house.Ewwwww
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    Poor girl, my aunt and best friend both got bitten by one. They both had to have it lanced and drained, my friend had like a piece of string put in there, that she pulled some out a little bit for a number of days( I am pretty sure it was because of the infection), my aunt decided to make an appointment with her doctor instead of going to the ER, and she got lucky because the infection was just starting to go into her blood stream.
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