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Thread: Dolly to help families hit by the Tennessee wildfires

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    Dolly to help families hit by the Tennessee wildfires

    The Dollywood Foundation will be making an on-going contribution to help tide over families badly hit by the wildfires in East Tennessee.
    The Tennessean are reporting that Dolly will donate $1000 a month, for the next six months, to each family rendered homeless in the disaster.
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    Bless Dolly and those families.
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    Dolly is truly amazing. I had a feeling she would help, she ALWAYS helps that community, from things I've heard she does a lot that's not always public knowledge.
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    On twitter, they said that would be 100 family's or more! I LOVED her show tonight!!!
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    That is wonderful of Dolly. I haven't watched the movie from last night. Heck, I haven't watched the one from last year! They are both on my DVR, though, and my mom said she would like to watch them together, so maybe we can manage to do that soon.
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    What soul out there could not love Dolly..... She is humble and beautiful...... I love folks like her that grew up poor and never forgot where they came from.... Would give their shirt off their back...

    Very touched by her giving spirit..... Money that she would never use in her lifetime, was a great donation indeed......
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