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    catholic principal phoned god

    Claims head 'phoned God' to punish pupils
    St Joseph's school Devizes
    Parents complained about the incident to Ofsted and to school governors
    Claims that a primary school head made pupils lie on the floor while she "phoned God" are being investigated by Wiltshire Council.

    Sheila Jones, head of St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary, Devizes, is said to have pretended to tell God the children had been naughty.

    The investigation follows complaints from parents to Ofsted and to governors at the academy school.

    Wiltshire Council said it was "looking at the concerns raised".

    It has confirmed that its safeguarding team is investigating a number of complaints raised by parents.

    The parents had claimed their children were quiet and distressed after the punishment in the school's prayer room which is said to have involved pupils being forced to lie face down on the floor while the head told them she was going to phone God on her mobile phone to say they had been naughty.

    "The information provided raised concerns about the safety of the children," said Ofsted in a letter responding to parents.

    "Ofsted has shared your concerns with the local authority so they can progress these safeguarding concerns as they consider appropriate."

    The school's website says the school aims to instil "timeless values in God's ever-changing world, where every child will fulfil their potential".

    In a welcome message on the website, Ms Jones says she moved to the area 20 years ago, sent her four daughters to the school and was also a teacher and governor there before having "the very great privilege" of being head.

    Governors at the academy school, which is outside local authority control, have directed inquiries on the matter to Wiltshire Council during the inquiry.

    BBC News - Claims head 'phoned God' to punish pupils

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    Interesting article. Thanks for posting. It amazes me that the very people we trust our children with and the ones who SHOULD be making the children top priority in teaching them about many things, are some of the ones who should NEVER be around children at all. Driving home this evening I heard a story on the radio where a high school (I think) teacher tweeted a male student that he was a pot head and she hated him. He replied that he did not do pot and she does not know him personally and therefore should not hate him. The teacher replied that she has a right to hate whomever she chose to hate. THIS coming from a teacher to an innocent young man. Bullying him and all the schools are supposed to be punishing everyone for doing it. I guess the teacher was fired---makes me wonder if she got paid severance pay, etc.. She does NOT deserve anything and should never be allowed to teach again.


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