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    Elderly man in double shooting

    This is a disturbing case from a normally quiet area of Surrey (the next county North of mine)

    A farmer of 82 has become what may be England's oldest convicted double murderer, after shooting dead his younger partner and her daughter. The daughter made a frantic phone call to police after running from the farm, saying he had killed her mother and she feared for her own life. However, she seems to have run back to the farm, her sister believes in the hope that her mother might have survived. The police helicopter arrived too late to stop him killing the second victim, though he was filmed from above brandishing his gun. The mother had been shot in the chest from a foot away, inside the house and the daughter had been shot in the back of the head, outside the animal pens. He claimed in a filmed police interview that the women were "barracking" (arguing with) him, and admitted the shootings. He also shot four of his dogs. The jury heard evidence that he had also told police that the women, with whom he had what he described as a "love-hate" relationship, deserved to be "put down", as they were trying to control him.

    His defence was that he never intended to kill the women and his gun went off three times accidentally due to the "ludicrous" way he was holding it because of his bad arthritis. The jury returned guilty verdicts.

    Surrey police have come under criticism for returning his guns. They had been confiscated a few months earlier, after complaints that he had made earlier threats to kill another member of his partner's family, but the guns and licence had been returned to him after the complaints had been withdrawn. The police chief has apologized to the family saying their handling of the had been flawed.

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    This is so sad.


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