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    Post Tiny Dog Shot in Detroit as Gunner Felt Upset

    Detroit family mourns Chihuahua allegedly shot by neighbor | The Detroit News |

    Detroit family mourns Chihuahua allegedly shot by neighbor

    From The Detroit News: Detroit family mourns Chihuahua allegedly shot by neighbor | The Detroit News |

    Detroit — A 7-pound Chihuahua is dead and a west side Detroit family is in mourning after a neighbor opened fire on the dog after complaining about the dog not being on a leash.
    Audrejuanna Tucker, 14, said she let her dog JoJo outside Tuesday afternoon to let him relieve himself in the front yard of her family's home on the 12000 block of Asbury Park when she says she was confronted by a neighbor who lives two houses away from her.
    As he approached her family's property, the dog began barking at him from some bushes. He told the girl to get her dog on a leash. He started walking away as the dog continued to bark.
    That's when, still on her driveway, the man turned around and shot the dog, with Audrejuanna as a witness.
    "I couldn't say anything," said Audrejuanna on Thursday. "I walked back in the house. I was screaming."
    The teen told her brother Randall, 19, who was in his room at the time, what happened. The two went back outside, where they found JoJo struggling to survive a few moments longer and the man talking on a cell phone.
    Police were called. A television reporter later arrived at the home as word of the shooting got out. The reporter called local nonprofit Detroit Dog Rescue, said the group's spokesman David Rudolph.
    The neighbor, who had a legal concealed pistol license, then shot the dog after it wandered outside the teen's property, saying he felt threatened by the Chihuahua as it ran up to him, WJBK Channel 2 reported.
    The neighbor could not be reached for comment Thursday morning.
    Randall Tucker said the neighbor from down the street knocked on his family's front door to tell them JoJo was out.
    As Tucker's younger sister was getting ready to go outside to fetch the dog, he heard the sound of gunfire.
    Rudolph said police responded to the scene but after interviewing both the owner and the neighbor, officers concluded that he was within his right to use his firearm.
    Michigan leash law requires dogs to be on a leash unless on the owner's property or in a designated off-leash area.
    But Rudolph said the situation could have been avoided had the teen taken more responsibility for her dog, and also had the neighbor used better judgment about the use of his weapon.
    "We heard that… the dog had been a problem, that it was harassing residents," Rudolph said.
    Rudolph questioned the threat that a Chihuahua, typically between six and 10 inches with an average weight of less than six pounds, could have posed on residents, even if it was acting menacing.
    "This was a little Chihuahua; he shot a Taco Bell dog. At what point could it have aggressed in such a way that you felt you had to go out and shoot it," Rudolph said.
    Probably the last time Chihuahua's made the news in the Detroit area was in July 2009 when hundreds of dead and live dogs were found in the home of a Dearborn man.
    Over the course of several days, more than a hundred Chihuahuas were rescued from the trash- and feces-filled home. Upon further investigation, rescuers found more than 150 dead dogs stored in garbage bags, freezers and refrigerators.
    The surviving animals were turned over to the Dearborn Animal Shelter for dogs that weren't too traumatized by their ordeal.
    The homeowner was hospitalized for a mental evaluation.
    Detroit police were not available for comment Thursday morning about the shooting.
    Detroit Dog Rescue workers took JoJo away to be cremated.

    Why wasn't the little dog armed? How could it defend itself against shooters?

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    Looks like the guy used undue force and should go to jail. Consealed carry has nothing to do with this incident. The gun has nothing to do with this incident. The man was mentally incompitent. He could have used his kitchen knife to kill the dog but he would have still lured the dog off the property and killed it to teach some neighbor a lesson.

    We should ban hospitals, cars, baseball bats and kitchen knives before guns. They kill more people than guns. Or we could work on the problem of mental incompetance.


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