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    Chinese New year

    The traditional New Year of various Asia-Pacific countries influenced by Chinese culture is coming.

    The upcoming New Year is called "Year of the Water Snake" (Chinese: 癸巳 , Korean: 계사 , Vietnamese: Qu Tỵ). The name of a year in this kind of Lunisolar calendar is repeated every 60 years.

    These are the countries where this traditional New Year is regarded as public holiday. All of them are in Asia-Pacific

    Observing Chinese calendar (New Year starts on February 10th, 2013)

    ✷ China

    - People's Republic of China

    + Mainland China

    + Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

    + Macau Special Administrative Region

    - Republic of China (Taiwan)

    ✷ Singapore

    ✷ Malaysia

    ✷ Brunei

    ✷ Indonesia

    ► Observing Korean calendar (New Year starts on February 10th, 2013)

    ✷ Korean peninsula

    - Democratic People's Republic of Korea

    - Republic of Korea

    ► Observing Vietnamese calendar (New Year starts on February 10th, 2013)

    ✷ Vietnam

    ► Observing Mongolian calendar (New Year starts on February 11th, 2013)

    ✷ Mongolia

    ► Observing Tibetan calendar (New Year starts on February 11th, 2013)

    ✷ Bhutan

    ► In addition, Okinawa Prefecture (Japan) welcomes the New Year based on Chinese calendar though other prefectures of Japan welcome the New Year on only January 1st.

    ► This traditional New Year is also an event in the Republic of Buryatia (Russia) (observing Mongolian calendar) but I'm not sure whether it is considered public holiday.
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    Well I don't think there's any country that's still using the Lunar Calender. The more precise word choice would be observe, but even that, if it wasn't for the holidays, only old people recognise the calender.

    But yes, I'm super glad that I will be earning a few thousand dollars in a week just because I have managed to stay alive for another year.

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    Happy New Year to everyone observing this traditional holiday!

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    Time to eat pot stickers dumplings


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