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    Project for rape victims

    Warning: the link includes statements by victims that some may find distressing.

    This project, spearheaded by an Israeli former Beauty Queen, aims to raise awareness and support for victims of this horrible crime.

    Someway into the video, you can see a short clip of Natalie Maines singing a duet she has recorded for the project. It is a duet with Ben Harper (a former member of the band Yellowcard)

    The Linor Documentary -- IndieGoGo

    (For those interested in the musical aspect, as far as I know, the full song is not yet available. It is Natalie's second collaboration with members of this band. There was a failed suggestion in 2003, which they say was vetoed by the record label, on the grounds that Yellowcard weren't well enough known for them to give contractual release. Around late 2006, Natalie did record "How I Go", which she partly wrote, with the band. That was a duet with another member, Ryan Key)

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    Thank you for sharing the link. Many rape victims go unnoticed and it is not over until the victim can get on with their lives. The damage that such a crime can cause can take years of repair and support and understanding is the most important thing we can offer.


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