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    Trace Adkins' Home Burns

    Trace Adkins' Home a 'Total Loss' After Fire


    Mark Humphrey, AP

    Trace Adkins' home in Brentwood, Tenn., south of Nashville, burned to the ground on Saturday (June 4). The house was a total loss, however no one was hurt. The country singer's wife, Rhonda, was returning home from running errands and saw "black smoke" in the sky and rushed home.

    Daughter Brianna, along with the couple's two other daughters, the babysitter and another neighborhood child were watching a movie and heard a huge crash. They thought it might have been something that had fallen in the cabinets in the kitchen. When the babysitter walked into the kitchen, she didn't see anything and went into the garage, where she saw that the dryer had been turned over, and fire and smoke permeated the air. The babysitter quickly got the children and the dogs out of the house and called 9-1-1.

    Trace Adkins' Home a 'Total Loss' After Fire - The Boot

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    I was watching the news when a reporter cut to a breaking story about the fire. Happy to hear everyone was safe since 30 firefighters were trying to stop the blaze. I felt wife's pain when she told story of speeding to get home to check on her kids.

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    Thats so sad, at least nobody was hurt

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    I was just reading about Trace's bit under "Their Life Is A Country Song" in the recent Country edition of People's Magazine a while ago and I really feel for the guy. He's gone through so much in his life already.


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