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    Cyclone Yasi Qld Australia to be hammered again

    As if the catastrophic floods a few weeks agi in Qld weren't enough Cyclone Yasi which
    is being described as the worst cyclone in Australia's history is about to hit the coastline
    near Cairns in Nth Qld.

    To give you a idea how big it is our weather beurea has stated that there is enough energy
    in the cyclone to power the entire world for a year!!!!

    Winds of over 300klm an hour are expected with a tidal surge of up to 9 meters.As if this is not
    bad enough rainfall of 1000mm or 1 metre is expected in the first few hours.

    The storm front is 500klms wide with the eye being 100klms and is predicted to cross the coast
    around 10pm Australian time.

    Hope everyone stays safe!!!!

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    We have snow and you have rain. What is happening? This is all Qld needs now.


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