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    Help With Seating at Cry Pretty Tour

    First I apologize if this is in the wrong section of the forum but it seems to be the most active area so I decided to post here.

    I have already posted this on the official site but didn't really get the answers I needed fully and thought of another question so am trying here.

    Can you see over the stage if you are in row 4 of the lower section?? I want to be able to see the other side of the stage well. I am going to be on the side with the big lift.
    Does she sing more on one side than the other? It seems to me that she faces the side she plays blow away, see you again, drinking alone etc on much more than the other side. I have tickets on the other side and am wondering if I need to find other seats if I can if she performs more towards one side than the other like it appears on the videos I see on youtube.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated. I only get to go to one concert and want to have great seats.

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    Most everyone here has said that it’s bst to be at the PUPIL of the stage and slightly up. It’s been asked many times. I was on the opposite side and still saw everything very well on row 7 I think it was. We’re i able to go again I might get higher seats.

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    Kizmet had 4th row in Cincy and I think she could see fine ( just not a great view of the screens from that close), took some great pics. And Carrie doesn't favor one side at all she is everywhere and face both sides pretty much equally.

    ps. gonna move this to the CP forum



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