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    Best seats for Cry Pretty Tour?

    Hi all,

    I'm a little confused with the stage set up. Can someone tell me if the seats by the half circle or seats by the walk out (?) would be best for the show? Please look at the attachment and let me know if sections 106-108 or sections 119-121 are better.


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    If it is a concert in the round, it looks to me as though they will all be equal.

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    It probably won't matter too much because Carrie turns throughout the show so that each side of the stadium gets a good view at some point during the show.

    However, she MIGHT face the 119-121 section more often because the GA floor is on that side. Also, the openers don't usually work the stage too much so they will likely face the GA floor because they like to interact with the GA audience.

    But I'm just guessing and really have no idea which side will be better on this tour.


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