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Thread: September 1 ,2018 Tuckerville Fest - Netherlands

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddkat View Post
    YES! That is a most wonderful idea! Now how about everyone do it!

    I try not to stay around here long enough to have issues with anyone.

    But, I understand what you mean about not cluttering the threads. I wish more people did, though~

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    I hate for this forum to emulate the fan club forum and people can not speak what is on their minds. I have more of a problem when people monopolize the thread and can not give it up without commenting again. Fashion is important to Carrie so why would it not be important to her fans. I thought that she looked fine the other night. I did think of her moo moo comment when I saw her tho and laughed.
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    It was so amazing to finally see her live! She was incredible! Crowd loved her! Hope she will be back here soon for a longer show. Made video's of every song but some vids had some sound issues. Here are a few of mine:

    Cry Pretty

    Jesus Take The Wheel and Love Wins

    Last name

    Before He Cheats

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    ^Outstanding quality. Thank you so much for sharing.
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    I don't want to get involved in this but Mods do the same thing to others when someone say something and they make and deleted it like its a big thing like its hurting them and others when they do it too and I'm one of them that can't speak my mind without being deleted or gang up on or being simple but this isn't the place for it fighting where's the love and respect like Carrie's new song #LoveWins? should we all try get along? not hating on someone and their posts by deleting them because you don't think it right but it right to speak your minds about the topic of talk. I am agreement with Josh cause he was just having a conversion like I was when I had my posts deleted.

    We should get happy and be happy and excited about her Cry Pretty era and we shouldn't talk about what she's wears. she is pregnant you know, it's not like she can fit into a small size shirt to wear or dresses, or jeans..

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    Hereforcarrie, Thanks for the vids
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    Quote Originally Posted by simonplay View Post
    You are welcome and yes she sounded amazing! I didn't notice anything bad. Her voice was really clear and powerful to me.

    Loved her hair, she looks so 2009 now!
    Yes her hair looks so much better now! It's still long with extensions, but they've definitely cleaned them up and made them look better than they did during the April-June time frame when she was promoting CP.
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    Thanks so much Danielle!

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