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    I attended the Dallas concert this week and I was excited at the chance to see Carrie live. I get the fact that artists and record companies feel the need to be "bigger and better" and I admit that the effects and production was impressive. But....Carrie's voice is so good I think she could "blow away" everyone just by singing. Its not the lighting, backdrops, floating stage and video screens that were a problem for me. It was the music and the volume of the band or track. I felt like Carrie was straining to sing above the music. I think the musictrack could have been much softer and allowed Carries voice to be the focal point. For me it would have been a much better show. I came to hear her sing, not to hear a blaring production of the song that seemed to over-power her. Other artists that dont have the talent might need to cover the imperfections, but not Carrie. Crank them down...and crank her up, and let her blow us away.

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    good point but Carrie really wants to put on an extravaganza!


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