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Thread: Carrie Pics in San Diego with Short Review

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    Carrie Pics in San Diego with Short Review

    Hey guys here's my review for Carrie's concert in San Diego California. I left me house at about 3:45 pm and I got to the venue at 6 pm. When I got there I walked over to the gas station near the venue to use the restroom and get some snacks. After that I saw the line was already forming for people waiting to get in the venue. I got in line at and I saw the San Diego radio station booth KSON and I decided to take a picture as a souvenir picture. They started letting people in the venue at 6:30 pm. When I got in the venue I looked for my seat in the floor of course. Any way I got to my seat and I decided to relax till the show starts so I just ate my snacks which are two bags of sour worms and orange holes I thinks that's what they're called. Then people also trying to get to their seats. While I was relaxing I decided to ask someone to take my picture in the San Diego venue. At around 6:45 I believe there was a family that sat in front of my like a mom, her two girls and the grandmother. Then one of the older girls told her mom to look up because she saw the floating stage that Carrie will be performing her songs on the second half of the show. I told the mom that Carrie will perform in the on the stage that her kids at looking up at with a raised stage. I told the mom I went to Carrie's concert at Bakersfield on Thursday and Staples Center on Tuesday. The mom asked my "Are you a little bit of a fan?" I told her "I'm in the fanclub." Then her older older daughter I think she was 11 or 12 and said "Me too." Then the oldest daughter asked me "Did you get win a meet and greet?" I said "No." The oldest daughter said "me neither" Then I told the oldest daughter "I got a meet and greet in 2008" After that I noticed that the oldest daughter made some sign I was trying to read it because I was so curious. The she held up one of the signs and it said "Will you be my first kiss?" I think the sign was for Hunter Hayes. I told her "on the lips right?" The oldest daughter just smiled. The two rows behind this older woman saw her sign and said "I totally support that" before taking a picture. Then the show started at 7:30 pm and the oldest daughter help up her sign for Hunter to see through his 30 minute set it was so cute. Then at 8:30 it was time for Carrie to perform. The concert last 2 hours and 30 minutes because it finished at 10:30.

    Here are some I noticed parts in the concert:
    • When Carrie performed IJCLLA I noticed that Hunter coordinated with Carrie with blue because Carrie work blue leather pants it was so cool.
    • Another thing that I noticed every time a country act like Taylor Swift or Carrie comes to California to perform the country girls come out wearing their cowboy boots and also the country boys come out wearing their cowboy boots and cowboy hat it was the coolest thing ever

    I'm glad I got to go the three Southern California concerts when Carrie performed because it's the funnest experience ever.
    Here are my pics from San Diego:
    Carrie Underwood Pics San Diego, CA Concert 2012 | Facebook
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    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Many Blessings


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