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    Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert Are A Modern-Day Thelma & Louise

    Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert Are A Modern-Day Thelma & Louise
    I don't know if this has been posted. I wanted to share with fans.

    Imagine it’s 1991. You’ve just shelled out $4.21 (the average price of a movie ticket at the time), and you settle in for a treacherously giddy movie about two oppressed woman finally finding an outlet for their creativity. Starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon (and a little bitty Brad Pitt), Thelma & Louise has become a cult classic, an archetype for female empowerment on every fire-soaked, gun-welding level.

    That’s probably where such country singers as Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert draw at least a few ounces of their influence–having charted such rockin’ hits as “Before He Cheats” and “Gunpowder and Lead,” respectively. Both songs are properly constructed tales about revenge and teaching their male counterparts a lesson. So, it’s no wonder the two diavs–who have now formed a fictional country duo called “Oklahoma Texas Line”–are in many ways a modern day Thelma & Louise, at least in their new collaboration “Somethin’ Bad,” lifted from Lambert’s forthcoming Platinum disc (out June 3).

    During rehearsals for the Billboard Music Awards, airing tonight (May 18), Lambert and Underwood were spotted wearing Thelma & Louise-emblazoned T-shirts. Lambert has even teased in a recent interview that the song has that flavor, and the performance is expected to include fire. Remember that gas tank explosion from the now-iconic Ridley Scott-directed film? Awesome.

    On the back of the Junk Gypsy shirts, it reads: “You’ve always been crazy. This is just the first chance you’ve had to express yourself.” That’s what Louise tells Thelma as she hits the pedal to the metal and stirs up more dust. For anyone who has ever seen the movie, that line pretty much sums it all up in a lovely little nutshell.

    As expected, the buzz for the “Somethin’ Bad” performance is already off the charts.


    Blake Shelton ✔ @blakeshelton
    Watching rehearsals for one of THE most epic events in country music history. @mirandalambert and @carrieunderwood! #holy****ballsofamerica

    2:37 PM - 17 May 2014

    Mark Bracco @markabracco
    Needless to say, the @mirandalambert @carrieunderwood duet on the @OfficialBBMAs is a show stopper!

    Hilary Billings @TheNomadGrad
    Loved @carrieunderwood & @mirandalambert's matching Thelma & Louise tshirts at #BBMAs soundcheck. They're ready to rock! (Flames included).

    Gwen Sebastian ✔ @GwenSebastian
    Go @mirandalambert & @carrieunderwood! Stoked & honored to be a part of the debut of this amazing collaboration... Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood to Debut Duet on Billboard Music Awards | Billboard

    David Wild ✔ @Wildaboutmusic
    Don't miss @carrieunderwood & @mirandalambert debuting "Something Bad" Sunday on @OfficialBBMAs. This summer's about to get very hot.

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    What was Gwen's part in the collab? Did I miss her on stage last night or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kizmet311 View Post
    What was Gwen's part in the collab? Did I miss her on stage last night or something?
    she sang back up last night , you could see her and the other background singer in a quick shot at one point


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