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    Billy Currington Indicted for Criminal Charges :(

    Country Music News ‏@CountryMusNews 14m Billy Currington Indicted #countrynews

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    Billy Currington Indicted

    Charges stem from boating incident in April.

    Tammy Ragusa | Published: Apr 24, 2013

    Billy Currington has been indicted on charges of "terroristic threats" and abuse of an elderly person following a boating incident on April 15 near Tybee Island, Ga., according to Savannah's WSAV TV.

    The station posted a photo of the indictment, and reports that Charles Harvey Ferrelle is alleging Billy and his party were "flocking" to his docks when an altercation occurred. The indictment's charges allege that Billy "did threaten to cause unlawful bodily harm" to Ferrelle.

    The police confirmed to WSAV that Billy and Mr. Ferrelle had a "verbal confrontation" at a dock that Billy owns. The police became involved after Billy followed Mr. Ferrelle by boat to another dock. Billy was not arrested following the incident.
    When contacted by Country Weekly, representatives for Billy were unable to comment at this time due to the ongoing nature of the indictment.
    On April 17, Billy seemingly alluded to the incident with this tweet:
    Billy also updated his Twitter today (April 24) thanking his fans for their support but saying he couldn't comment on the matter.


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